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Posts by Theresa

American Heart Association Heart Ball

  Saturday May 20, 2017 Dr. Arthur J. Moss Award Presentation American Heart Association Heart Ball 6pm-12am Oak Hill Country Club 145 Kilbourne Road                                                   Rochester, New York 14610 Stay Tuned…

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Celebrity Tricycle Challenge

Tuesday 9/26/17 5:30pm-7:30pm Conkey Corner Park 92 Conkey Avenue Rochester,  New York 14621 Reigning 2016 Champions! Female 1.  L. Johnson 2.  Cliande  Florence 3. Barabara James Male 1. M. Squier 2. M. Davis 3. C. Gorecki 4. A. Mcfadden The Most Hilarious One Mile Challenge Ever!!!! Mail $100 Donation Today to  Reserve  Your Trike Conkey Cruisers Inc.…

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White House Egg Roll 2016

Semaja, Marie, Malachi and their parents represented Conkey Cruisers at the White House Easter Egg Roll 2016. Thank You President and Mrs. Obama.

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Collard Green Curves

Proceeds from Collard Green Curves will be used to purchase new bicycles for Conkey Cruisers Purchase Now by clicking the link below Overview This book, an inspirational, lifeline for anyone trying to find themselves, quickly captures and holds the reader’s attention. The author demonstrates ways for individuals to conquer their fears and fight, perhaps for the…

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