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Bicycling to Better Health


About Conkey Cruisers


Conkey Cruisers is a grass root neighborhood bicycling program, inspired by Theresa Lou Bowick, a Registered Nurse who lives near Conkey Avenue. While out running one day she encountered a young boy, who yelled out to her, “Hey Lady, are you on probation?”  It appeared that the young boy thought she was running from the Police. As she continued her run, she stopped to chat with some neighbors, when another man approached the group.  The man pointed at Theresa and said, to the group, “Don’t talk to her she is the Police!” Theresa exclaimed that she was a Nurse, not the Police. However, the man was not convinced. He boldly stated to the group, “She is the Police because nobody exercises in this neighborhood!”

Contact Us

If you have questions or comments or would like to request further information about Conkey Cruisers, you can reach us at ConkeyCruisers@Rochester.rr.com

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Conkey Cruisers Inc.
P.O. BOX 77380
Rochester, NY 14617